Who are we?

The Office de Tourisme Charleville/Sedan en Ardenne is an association, under law 1901.

The association Charleville/Sedan en Ardenne originated in July 2015, from the merger of three associated Tourist Offices: the Office de Tourisme de Sedan et pays Sedanais, the Office de Tourisme de Charleville-Mézières and its region, as well as the Office de Tourisme du Pays des Sources au Val de Bar.


The Tourist Office Team


The aim of the Tourist Office is to implement measures that optimise tourist activity. It looks after: the production and distribution of information to visitors, the promotion and marketing of products of the Ardennes Metropolitan region, and facilitates the hosting of guests. It also contributes to the coordination of activities between various partners that participate in local tourism.

Two Welcome Points:

4, place Ducale, in the heart of Charleville,

35, Rue du Ménil, near the Fortified Castle of Sedan

Each welcome point offers visitors a reception area that is accessible to all with access for persons with reduced mobility.

Each site has a gift shop, a bookshop space and local produce store (in partnership with local producers and artisans).

Our welcome mission:

We have a passion for hospitality and want each of our visitors to be welcomed personally with efficiency and professionalism.

  • The Office de Tourisme de Charleville/Sedan en Ardenne undertakes to:
  • Offer you an excellent reception service
  • Maintain a clean premises that is comfortable and friendly with the essential local information readily available ; if this is not the case let us know and we will endeavour to find a solution and solve your problems.
  • Professionalism: Our reception staff undergo continuous training so as to always be able to offer a quality listening service and to give you the most appropriate answer.
  • Guarantee of accessibility: Reception, website and documents are available in various languages and our reception area is accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
  • To help you to personalise your stay: we are committed to providing you with individual care and attention to address each visitors needs, from providing basic information to allowing a ‘turnkey’ stay,
  • We are committed to meeting your expectations with precise and reliable service.
  • A variety of regularly updated activities are always offered by the reception with a smile.
  • We can always propose an alternative solution in the unlikely case of a cancellation of an event and/or form of entertainment.
  • We commit to being attentive to your inquiry until you are satisfied with a solution.
  • Thanks to regular satisfaction studies and in order to continue to improve our service, the office is always open to feedback and suggestions from our clientele which are always taken seriously.

The Tourist Office, association law 1901, places great importance on the relationship with its members, who are also the providers that we recommend to you. This familiarity with the local industry makes it possible to maintain constant vigilance on the services we recommend. We are also committed to do everything in our power to ensure that your stay with us is a success!

Our Commitments:

The Office de Tourisme de Charleville/Sedan en Ardenne is classified in category II, belonging to the network of National and Regional federations of Tourist Offices in France.

It undertakes to:

  • Make available to you an easily accessible reception space and information space.
  • Make available to you an advisor during your stay.
  • Facilitate your efforts.
  • Provide you with furniture to sit on.
  • Inform you free of charge of the local tourism offers.
  • Offer you free access to Wi-Fi.
  • Display and broadcast its opening hours in at least two foreign languages.
  • Be open at least 240 days per year, including Saturday and Sunday during tourist or other peak periods.
  • Respond to your mail all year round.
  • Ensure a permanent reception service with staff who speak at least two foreign languages.
  • Ensure maps and guides are readily available.
  • Provide access to its trilingual website.
  • Disseminate tourism information on paper, translated into at least two relevant foreign languages:
    • 1) to all classified tourist accommodation, carrying at least the name of the establishment, the postal details, the email, the website, the telephone details, and the level of classification;
    • 2) to monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites that may include the indication of costs of use, periods and hours of opening to the public, website and telephone and postal details;
    • 3) to events and entertainment;
    • 4) to emergency numbers.
  • Update its tourist information.
  • Display outside emergency numbers.
  • Present all qualified offers of its intervention zone to all clients.
  • Process your claims and measure your satisfaction.
  • Maintain a quality approach.
  • Make available to you a trip advisor.
  • Guarantee updated and reliable information on local tourism offers.