Sedan: The largest fortified castle in Europe

Construction of the fortified castle by Prince Evrard de La Marck began during / at the end of the Hundred Years' War. Situated on the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire, on the banks of the Meuse, Evrard intended it to be a protective stopover on the copper route.

This modest triangular castle was enlarged and strengthened by Evrard's descendants: eight princes and a princess made it the largest fortified castle in Europe at 35,000m². It was this fortress that guaranteed Sedan's independence during the long years of the Wars of Religion.

Having survived the conflicts of the 20th century unscathed, it was listed as a historic monument in 1965 and today offers visitors a striking repertoire of military architecture.

The tour in video

Video tour of Sedan Castle

Visit to the fortified castle of Sedan

Immerse yourself in history

Start your visit with a six-minute video explaining the construction of the château, its successive extensions and the different roles it has played in French and European history.

The tour takes you outside, to the bastions, ramparts and battlements. It's easy to understand the many techniques and tricks that made Sedan Castle impregnable!

Wield the trebuchet!

On the Bastion du Roy, meet the Lord of Sedan as he prepares for war. At the foot of the twin towers, learn how to handle weapons from the Middle Ages, including a medieval artillery weapon: a trebuchet!

Then pass through an ancient fortified gateway and discover the living conditions of soldiers in the Middle Ages.

Top of the Twin Towers

When you reach the top of the castle's tallest tower, you'll be treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of the town of Sedan and the surrounding villages. Have fun reading the landscape and finding your bearings thanks to the explanatory panels.

The Princes' Gallery

As you descend into the Galerie des Princes, you can sense that a great banquet is being prepared... This is a historic moment: the marriage of Charlotte de la Marck to Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne on 15 October 1591, symbolising the union of the two princely families of Sedan.

The Sedan Museum

The last part of the tour is reserved for the Sedan town museum. You will discover the principality of Sedan from the time it was built until the Battle of Sedan in 1870.

An impressive model of the town of Sedan in 1840 shows the colossal size of the fortifications that surrounded the town, and reveals a number of buildings that are emblematic of Sedan's history.

Make the most of your visit by playing Escape Game and tasting local produce

Escape Game: In search of the lost sword

Find the legendary sword of Seigneur de la Marck, the guarantor of his power, in the Bastion du Roy. Many riddles and traps await you!

Bookings required all year round.

La Marck café and local produce shop

Housed in the old kitchens, the La Marck café welcomes you every day for a drink, a taste of local produce and a chance to put together your own hamper.

Sedan Castle elected France's favourite monument in 2023

In 2023, the Château Fort de Sedan will succeed the Gare Transatlantique de Cherbourg and the submarine Le Redoutable, which were chosen by Internet users in 2022.

The fortified castle elected French Favourite Monument 2023


Sedan's castle main events

Festival médiéval de Sedan

The Medieval Festival

Centered around the medieval imagination, the Sedan festival is characterised by the participation of numerous local associations. Every year in May, in the courtyard and in the grounds of the castle, reenactments of troubadours and troops attract audiences from all over Europe in search of the real immersive experience.

Hypocras, or slow roasted pig, as well as various other specialities will not fail to awaken your taste-buds.

Summer Tournaments

In the summer, medieval entertainment and games bring the fortified castle to life. This is an experience you will not want to miss. To win the heart of the beautiful princess or simply for the challenge, the combatants/stunt people come together in one-on-one combat or on horseback, allowing you to discover the codes of honour and get a taste for the games of the medieval period. This family show will delight your children, even the youngest!