Sedan, the Quintessential Castle

Prince Evard de la Marck began constructing the fortified castle towards the end of the Hundred Years War. On the banks of the river Meuse, and at the border between France and the Holy Roman Empire, Evard’s intention was to build a stronghold on the copper road (route du cuivre). What Evard started as a modest triangular chateau was enlarged and reinforced by his descendants, and after eight princes and one princess, it eventually became Europe’s largest fortified castle at an astonishing 35,000m²! It is because of this fortress that the independence of Sedan was ensured and guaranteed throughout the long years of religious war, and having come through the conflicts of the 20th century unscathed, today it offers visitors a striking repertoire of military and medieval architecture and history.

S. Ortega-Dubois
Le château de Fort de Sedan
S. Ortega-Dubois

S. Ortega-Dubois

S. Ortega-Dubois

Expert Voice Audrey, who has been working at the fortified castle since 1999.

Europe’s biggest fortified castle is an unmissable and impressive monument in the heart of the town of Sedan. To discover during your visit!

An Unavoidable Visit

The fortified castle of Sedan presents itself as if a childhood dream has come to life. Massive and imposing, it silently dominates the town from on high. No matter the time of year this passion-filled stone colossus allows you to travel back in time and immerse yourself in the fascinating history it has witnessed. Pass through its halls and listen to the echos of the daily lives of the soldiers who maintained and guarded it, and look deep into the heart of the town while taking a stroll along it’s fierce ramparts (bastion des Dames).

Then wander through the princely apartments where the life of the castle and the town at the time of it being “Little Geneva" is reanimated for you and presented in illustrations from the collections of the municipal museum. Within the walls of the castle, after having admired the perfectly preserved woodwork and having visited the chapel, you will arrive at the large model of the town where an audio commentary will accompany you.

Practical information

Discover Europe’s Biggest Fortified Castle!


Sedan's castle main events

Festival médiéval de Sedan

The Medieval Festival

Centered around the medieval imagination, the Sedan festival is characterised by the participation of numerous local associations. Every year in May, in the courtyard and in the grounds of the castle, reenactments of troubadours and troops attract audiences from all over Europe in search of the real immersive experience.

Hypocras, or slow roasted pig, as well as various other specialities will not fail to awaken your taste-buds.

Summer Tournaments

In the summer, medieval entertainment and games bring the fortified castle to life. This is an experience you will not want to miss. To win the heart of the beautiful princess or simply for the challenge, the combatants/stunt people come together in one-on-one combat or on horseback, allowing you to discover the codes of honour and get a taste for the games of the medieval period. This family show will delight your children, even the youngest!