"Les Jardins Familiaux de Sedan" (family gardens, since 1889)

Allotments were came into being in Sedan in 1889 at the initiative of Marie-Félicité Bridoux, married name Hervieu and more commonly known as Félicie Hervieu.
It is in the context of her work in the "Reconstitution of the family" that she decided to rent land to be cultivated by needy families at a very modest price so that they were able to eat well, without systematic use of good deeds.
Other creations of allotments in France can be found in the north or in St-Etienne; Germany or anywhere else in the world are therefore "heirs" of this generous idea.

Installed on 4 sites in the city of Sedan (Pierremont, La Garenne, La Prayelle and La Terre aux cailloux), and with an area ranging from 100 to 400m2, they are all equipped with a garden shed and a water tank which collect rain for watering.

After falling into disuse in the mid-twentieth century, there is currently renewed interest among younger and more urban audiences.

To get a garden:
Always at the Foyer Cappel (1st floor) on the 2th Friday of each month between 5:30pm to 6:30pm.
For information, call: 07 83 22 68 68

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