A Celebration of Gastronomy

Launched in 2004, the Festival of Brotherhoods in the Ardennes has developed into one of the most popular and successful events in the Ardennes. Unique in France, it was awarded the Ardennes Tourism prize in 2014, and the excellence prize of the European Council of Eno gastronomy Brotherhoods in 2016.
Each year, during the first weekend in May, it brings together, fifty French and Belgian brotherhoods, in Place Ducale of Charleville-Mézières, a masterpiece of 17th century architecture.

Totally free of charge, the event contributes to conveying what makes up the richness and diversity of our region, in an ambiance that is rich in colour. Each year, a French or Belgian brotherhood is designated guest brotherhood of honour. They bring together, before the public, an exceptional gathering during which personalities and members of other brotherhoods are inducted.

Bernard Giraud Président du festival des confréries
Words of an expert Bernard Giraud, President of the Festival of the brotherhoods in Ardennes

"The festival of brotherhoods in the Ardennes is a rendez-vous with the land in which the most authentic and convivial can be found. It is a meeting with our heritage. And a festival that cries out to be shared with everyone."


Taste the Delicacies of the Land

Taste, savour and feast among friends in a relaxed atmosphere of sharing, this atmosphere is the only goal of this highly colourful event. Each year, during the first weekend of May: your taste-buds should be ready, set, go! 


Enjoy the Conviviality

Thanks to the initiative taken by a handful of passionate volunteers looking to create a convivial event, the festival of Brotherhoods has become a unique gathering of its kind in France with about fifty French and Belgian brotherhoods.


The "Cacasse à Cul Nu" brotherhood

The ‘Cacasse à Cul Nu’ is a popular and typical Ardennes dish. Served with a lardons salad, Ardennes ham, and ‘galette à sucre’, the ‘Cacasse’ is one of the pillars of our culinary traditions. However, as is the case with the evolution of all culinary habits day-to-day dishestend to disappear, and it was with the thought to maintaining this traditional dish that the ‘Cacasse à Cul Nu’ Brotherhood was created in 2001.  

Together with the other Ardennes gourmand brotherhoods, the ‘Cacasse à Cul Nu’ Brotherhood contributes to the preservation of our gastronomic heritage by offering meals, hosting culinary competitions and by listing the rich variety of old Ardennes recipes.

confrérie cacasse à cul nu festival des confréries charleville confrére
Membres de la confrérie de la cacasse
confrérie cacasse à cul nu festival des confréries charleville
Le chaudron, symbole de la confrérie de la cacasse

Membres de la confrérie de la cacasse

Le chaudron, symbole de la confrérie de la cacasse

Some Secrets of Ardennes Recipes

Simple, delicious and wholesome local produce! Cuisine in the Ardennes is based on a tradition of hardy and filling dishes, originally designed to feed the region’s smiths and farmers.

recette cacasse

The "Cacasse à cul nu"

Do not be fooled by its unique name, this dish is a classic from the french Ardennes gastronomic tradition. Either "à cul nu" ("bare ass" / with potatoes only) or "cullotée" ("dressed" / with meat) you can choose according to your preferences...

The "Salade au lard"

(Salad with lardon)

This is a fine mix of salad with lardon and potatoes, one of the favourite local dishes.

The "Galette à suc"

(Sugar pie)

Sweet flavour of the Ardennes and... easy to cook!

The festival seen by Laura : Discovering the Ardennes with my family

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