Floing’s 1870 Cemetry

This cemetery is the military area reserved for tombs of French soldiers fallen for their country in 1870 on the land of the municipality of Floing and its surrounding area.
In the middle of the entrance to it, there is a large stele alongside 16 other steles spread along the edge of the back wall.
Those who climb the slopes leading to the cemetery and Le Terme Plateau from Floing Church may experience two feelings: the joy of seeing the beautiful scenery, but even more powerful, the reliving of the bloody ordeal of a few thousand heroic cavalrymen who, at the end of a losing battle, sacrificed themselves to save honour.
In less than two hours on the afternoon of 1 September 1870, over a thousand men set out upon incredible cavalry charges and died in the intense gunfire of the enemy soldiers positioned in tight rows along the hills of Le Terme.

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