Square de la Gare (Station Square)

Square de la Gare

Open all year. Free access.

The square of the station offers 8600m² of natural areas dedicated to pedestrians.
In 1858, the station of Charleville is inaugurated, first station of this line built at the request of the patrons of Ardenne industry. In 1866, the City felt the need to embellish the station square and she developed a square with some remarkable trees (Gingko biloba, Sequoia ...) and his famous bandstand, immortalized a few years later by the famous poem "To the music". In this text, the enfant terrible of the city, Arthur Rimbaud, portrays in vitriol the good bourgeois society of Charleville, who comes to take the green and listen to the "fifes" of the music of the soldiers of 91 ° RI of Mézières. His bronze bust, recently rehabilitated, third edition of the first monument in homage to the poet in the city, faces that of Gustave Gailly, mayor-deputy-senator-industrialist in Charleville during the lifetime of Rimbaud.
Recently refurbished in 2010-2011, the square today offers passers-by as lovers of Rimbaud, a poetic staking with many excerpts from his most famous poems.

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