Sedan Botanical Garden

Free admission. Open daily from 9am to 6pm. Dogs are not allowed in the park, even if they are on a leash.

At the heart of the town of Sedan, the botanical garden offers the perfect resting place amongst the greenery.
Ancient trees with exotic species, the lake and the kiosk are all things to discover.
In 1875, the removal of the bastion of Bourbon helped aerate the city by creating the Alsace-Lorraine Square and the Botanical Garden.
The garden plan was devised in 1891 by René Richer, a landscape architect from Sedan.
By the late nineteenth century, the whole of society could be found along the garden paths walking, dancing to bagpipes or listening to the band.

A very beautiful clay statue of Paul and Virginia, carved by Visseau, once adorned the garden.
The sculptor had conceived a device that allowed perpetual runoff from the umbrella.
Unfortunately, the 1905 cyclone smashed the statue and it has still not been restored to date.
Tree masonry (work of cement-maker Bourdet) adorns the small kiosk, the bridge and the transformer.

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