Park "Mont Olympe"

horloge florale mont olympe

Open all year round. Free admission.

Just a stone's throw from Place Ducale, the 14-hectare Mont Olympe site is ideal for relaxation, leisure and tourism. It offers a range of facilities including a water sports centre, an aquatic centre, playgrounds, a marina, a municipal campsite and a park accessible to walkers.
Overlooking the plain of the same name, Mont Olympe Park is accessible via the Vieux Moulin footbridge, behind the Vieux Moulin or Musée Rimbaud, and its footpaths lead to the top of this hill which, before Charleville was founded in the 17th century, was known as the colline du Chastelet after the ancient Roman oppidum that protected the ancient Gallo-Roman city of Castrice. Charles de Gonzague built a small fortress here to protect his new town and port, which was razed at the end of the century at the behest of Louis XIV. The remains of an ancient lookout tower, or Tour Lolot, can still be seen on its heights, named after the wealthy iron industrialist who owned a private park there. The park was bought by the town in 1927 and opened to the public. For generations, it became a favourite spot for lovers.

Another point of interest, at the foot of the park and in certain places, are the numerous outcrops of violet schist, proving that the famous Ardenne massif begins here.

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