Mialaret Square / Bayard Square

Open all year. Free access.

This square bears the name of a former mayor of Mézières, named after its founder, mayor of Mézières (1878-1903). In 1892, facing the northern rampart of Mézières, this municipal square was built by the unemployed Mézières.July 30, 1893, the Minister of War, General Loizillon inaugurates the bronze statue of Chevalier Bayard, close to the Tower of the School. The statue is 2m 80 high and its pedestal 4m. The work of the sculptor Aristide Croisy (Fagnon, 1840 - Paris, 1899) was taken by the Germans in 1917, to be melted in cannons. Another work is worth a visit: a bas-relief entitled "The Pilgrim of Life".This square is totally invested every last weekend of August for the famous festival "Cabaret Vert", festival rock and territory, where the currency of exchange is the "bayard"!

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