Boisenval Nature Reserve

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On the hillsides of the Berthaucourt plateau, is the regional nature reserve of the Côte de Bois-en-Val, the second nature reserve of the region for its remarkable diversity. 225 plant species, 95 bird species, more than 35 mammal species, 530 species of butterflies and nocturnal butterflies coexist on the 14 hectares of the reserve.
The area of ​​the Côte de Bois-en-Val has always been part of the Ardennes heritage: until 1950, the place was exploited as a quarry for the production of lime and building stones by the company Perrin. Today, at the entrance of the site, you can admire the only vestige of this era: the old lime kiln.
Abandoned since, the Bois-En-Val site has for a long time allowed nature to regain its rights. In 1991, the Côte de Bois-en-Val was listed by the Natural History Society of the Ardennes as a Natural Area of ​​Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest (ZNIEFF).
Classified "Voluntary Nature Reserve" in March 2001, it became in April 2008, one of the first two reserves classified "Regional Nature Reserve" of Champagne-Ardenne at the same time as that of "Marshes of Reuves" in the Marne.
A remarkable diversity!
Already noticed by many Ardennes naturalists, the reserve offers a remarkable diversity of environments: wood, marl fallow, lawn, pond, phragmita, peaty coppice ... in which you can admire a rich and varied fauna and flora: 225 plant species are 95 species of birds, more than 35 species of mammals, 12 species of amphibians and reptiles, more than 530 species of butterflies and moths, 115 species of Coleoptera ... Some of them are found on red lists or lists of protected species at regional or national level. A sanctuary to observe with a lot of respect!
Thanks to the classification in "Regional Nature Reserve", a new regulation guarantees the survival of the many species present. It is therefore essential that everyone ensures compliance with these rules under pain of heavy fines.

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