Illusion Escape Game

Illusion Escape Game

2 rooms, 2 atmospheres

THE ILLUSIONISTS (Duration 60 minutes)

A secret society in Charleville-Mézières?

The whole of Charleville-Mézières is talking about them: the Illusionists! Who are they? Aristocrats? A secret society? No one knows. They give themselves poets' names, build strange machines... and devote a boundless cult to Arthur Rimbaud.
Many have tried to penetrate this mysterious circle... without success. It must be said that only the wisest and most intelligent are accepted into the circle of illusionists.
But what about you? Will you be able to prove to them that you are worthy of being one of them? Come and take the test with your team and show them that they can't do without you any longer!

THE LAB (Duration 60 minutes)

Do you remember Doctor Zed?

A former member of the Illusionists, he was banished from the secret society for his somewhat disturbing experiments on human beings...
Now he's back and you're locked in his gloomy lab. And even if the Doc is devious, he is also a player. You'll have a chance to get away!
With each new victim, he leaves his lab unattended in search of more prey, you'll have an hour to outwit his traps, find his secret and get out before he comes back.

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Experience the Illusionists
Experience the Lab

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