Farm Saint Quentin - Cosmetics Vantône

Unique in Europe! Adherent to the collective mark "Ardennes de France"

Fortified farm of the late Middle Ages, currently under restoration. Formerly this place served to the nuns.
Located in Noyers-Pont-Maugis, the farm of St Quentin is a beautiful initiative of Vanessa Ponsin, who decided to transform an old Abbey into a sheepfold and to launch a sheep cheese 100% Made in the Ardennes!

The small family business (40 ewes 70 futures) is expanding and seems well established with the production of 70 fresh dry ripened cheese per day for an exclusively local market.
The ultimate goal for the young entrepreneur is to diversify with Tome, Bush and Feta, sheep, of course.

In 2017, a range of beauty products is born on the farm! Unique in Europe, this elixir of beauty is proposed to you in all transparency and resulting from a reasoned agriculture.
The quality, the softness, the freshness of our products that we propose you to find on line on our site and with our partners.

Vantône cosmetics are composed of sheep's milk from farms. The virtues of this milk are soothing and soothing for the skin.
The range consists of day cream, hand cream and body milk.