Sedan Ici Avant application, travel back in time!

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App for Androïd, « Sedan, ici avant »
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The application is proposed by the Sedanais Society of History and Archaeology, with the aim of publicising, explaining and passing on the history and heritage of Sedan and the Sedanais region.

7 hectares of history ruined
- an itinerary of 25 remarkable points
- a combination of period photographs, old postcards and modern views of Sedan before and after the destruction
- discovery of neighbourhoods that have disappeared or been scarred
- extension of the summer 2020 exhibition

daily life in Sedan
- commercial life in Sedan kept pace with scientific and technical progress
- photography, postcards and numerous advertising documents illustrate these developments
- these testimonies show the dynamism of its shopkeepers, some of whom are the heirs of the town's past.

Undique Robur
- decommissioning of the fortifications voted for in 1875
- the town became a vast demolition site: gates, bastions and horns disappeared
- new districts were built
- some works survived, others left traces in the landscape, and still others were left only in name

Sedan, textile capital
- from the beginnings of the textile industry in the 17th century (Dijonval) to the closure of the last factory in the early 1990s
- Sedan's textile industry flourished for several centuries
- until the First World War, the town was a leading centre for the textile industry